The lost little girl
2002-01-26 23:00:41 (UTC)

THE SPY ( you never saw me)

my mom and me have a strange relationship...one minute we
are at eachother's edge..and the next minute..she's being
buddy buddy with me and wants me to call my uncle or my
grandfather to find out what's going on with the rest of the
family ( my mother has 7 siblings).
" oh jane...call uncle lenny and find out what happened
between Aunt Annie and Aunt Ellie that made them fall apart
the other day during that fight"
" ok mom....now what's my code name?" ( of course..she
didn't find it funny"
My family hates eachother...my Aunts think i'm this little (
6' tall) bitch. My grandfather was convinced i steal.
"AAAHHH...the walls are closing in" this f*ing sucks...
oh good god..anyway...i must be going..FLASHLIGHT TAG

i will talk to you later....-janie

Daily Quote:
"Jane: Name that tune.
Daria: Jane's theme.
Jane: Damn you, woman."