2000-11-30 00:54:43 (UTC)

November 29,2000 Dear Diary: ..

November 29,2000

Dear Diary:
Since I am under a false name I have decided to make my
diary public. Well today was my third day back in school
since I broke the four bones at the ball of my right foot.
What happened was I was at cheerleading tryouts and I
decided to try out for climber as well as base so that I
could see what I was best at. So in front of the head coach
I selected two bases and a spot and set up my mount. I
noticed that my two bases were very uneven in height which
isnt good but I decided what the hell they're not gonna
drop me. So I got up in the hang and counted two three down
up and up I went and then right down I went. I fell forward
and tried to catch myself with my hands. Almost
immmediately I felt pain in my foot. It was so bad I
couldnt move it and it was shaking violently. So I went to
the emergency room that night after practice and they told
me I broke four bones and would be in a cast for a good 4-6
weeks. "Just great" I thought. There goes my social and all
the other fun things in December! So Im on crutches and
feeling very bad for myself still. Im still gonna go to the
social but I have to go on crutches. We'll see about the
brace (it comes on and off) Im still arguing against that.
There are a couple of good things that have come of this:
1)Jamie (name has been changed) carries my books for me
from the class we are in together. He is so cute and
perfect for me..or so I think. Very nice, athletic, tall,
blue eyes, popular, gorgeous, preppy-need I say more!? So
this is a good way for us to get to know eachother a little
2) I get to leave class 5 minutes early
3)Im getting ALOT of attention lately. Which I enjoy to
some extent.
Well it is getting time to watch Dawsons Creek (i never
miss and episode) and I still have to call my social date
and let him know what happened to me! haha so I should get
going! I'll write more tomorrow if I can but I'll be
swamped with studying.
Love always,
PS-Its supposed to SNOW tomorrow. Lets hope it does! :)