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Untouchable Memories
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2002-01-26 22:40:39 (UTC)

Surgery Rules

Hey there again,

Well, I've started my surgery rotation and let me tell
you.. it's soooo self-gratifying... every night a new
trauma comes in the E.R. and I get to suture up the
person's lacerations... The next day, I get to here about
the trauma on the news... In the Operating Room, I get to
sit there side by side with the surgeons... first you walk
into the O.R. after scrubbing in (washing your hand with a
medicated scrub for like 5-10 mins) ... then, the nurses
gown you up putting on your gloves for you as you walk into
the room... then it's to the patient... Granted, I don't
get to do much... I do get to close up incisions made..
Anyhow, enough of my rambling....

Just wanted to say a few words.. since it's been a long
time since I last submitted anything... Life right now is
focused on medicine... I'm pretty much done hunting for
Mrs.Right... I've come to the realization that she'll have
to wait for now... but who knows, that could all change..

By the way, I saw the movie Black Hawk Down... a must
see!! makes me want to be a medic during that mission
into Somalia...

Have a great day everyone...

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