A. Phrend

Untouchable Memories
2002-01-26 22:30:08 (UTC)

New Year's Party

Hello again,

Well, it’s Saturday night…sometime in Jan… I can’t
remember… probably the 5th… I’m sitting in bed once again
typing away… Anyhow, I had an absolutely fantastic time
on New Years… I went to a huge party in Oakland, CA w/ a
couple of friends (Tao and Theresa)… they say, 4,000
people were expected to show… but I don’t believe that
statement… anyhow, I met a very cute girl that night… Her
name was Karen… and get this… as I was trying to start a
conversation with her… she tells me she’s a 4th year
medical student… I was shocked as hell because that
night, only one girl caught my eye that night…and that was
her, another medstudent.. Now, what are the chances of that
happening? Do I have a keen sense of picking girls out or
is God telling me something?… by the way, it wasn't the
alcohol because I noticed her as I was waiting in line to
get inside the club… So this girl, Karen, tells me she’s
a medstudent… instantly, I reply to her that I’m also a
medstudent…and she didn’t believe me at first… but I soon
convinced her as I spoke of some of my experiences in the

Well, let me describe her… she was wearing this sparkling,
sexy baby blue dress which showed her back… she had the
beautiful eyes like emerald and the sweetest of all
smiles… God, I fell in love with her smile… She was
Chinese and the same age as me.. the bad part, she has a
boyfriend… some Indian guy that she’s been dating for 3
years… how depressing once again… anyhow, she still
hung out with me most of the night.. . we danced all
night… at the end of the night, I said it was pleasure
meeting her, wished her a happy new year, and hugged
goodbye… although, I didn’t get a new year’s kiss…. A
hug was just as sufficient… She complimented me by saying
that I was such a chivalrous gentlemen.. which was
comforting… Anyhow, it was nice to meet someone

Last year’s new year was non-existence… I spent last
year’s new year at home with my parents… at the time, I was
dating my ex, Susan… I knew she felt uncomfortable and
paranoid because we were 3,000 miles apart.. I was in San
Jose and she in Boston… so I stayed home that night to
show her that how much she means to me… I didn’t want her
to worry one bit… I was a good boyfriend to her… other
girls crossed my mine, but I always realized that Susan was
the only girl I wanted…. I never once cheated on her…
never once went out on another date while I was dating

Oh yeah, I just want to note that my friend, Tao, went out
for last year’s new year… he went to a party which I was
suppose to go with him but didn’t because of my reason
above.. anyhow, the lucky bastard hooked up with like 3
girls… he said it was girls galore… now that’s
depressing …

Well, Karen and I exchanged emails… I’m not attempting to
pursue anything with her… even if she was single… I still
wouldn’t… she’s going into a specialty field involving
the ear, nose, and throat… which is a five year program…
and I know she’ll be busy with that…plus, I’ll be doing my
residency … I just know that her and I could never be…
but for that one night we had together… I didn’t think of
what lied ahead… I just lived for that night…

I did have some good news, one of my friends is trying to
set me up with some Korean girl… she’s a year younger than
me…and she’s already graduated from dental school… she
lives near my parents… anyhow, I’ve emailed her a letter…
I’ll tell you more later .. don’t know where this one is
going… I haven’t even seen the girl yet… my friend sent
her my pic via email.. and the girl thought I was cute….
So we’ll see how this one turns out…

It’s 3:30 am and I’ve got to go into the hospital
tomorrow.. ARGGGG I have one last week of Psychiatry
and I’m officially done… then I start my long
anticipated Surgery Rotation… I’m soooo excited because I
love surgery ….

Anyhow, Good Night and Sweet dreams… I leave you with a
quote I made myself….

“Do not do in the light what you can do at night….”

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