A. Phrend

Untouchable Memories
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2002-01-26 22:28:20 (UTC)

Chase the Zebra

It’s a Friday night and I’m bummed out… My family and I
are suppose to go skiing / snowboarding… but we have to
cancel because of the rainy weather… oh well, guess shit
happens… I’m currently watching some amateur boxing…
and it’s really sloppy boxing… it’s funny to watch
because it’s like two pussies fighting…hahaaha but I know
both fighters would wooop my ass in an instant…

Well, I had dinner with Tao and Theresa at my parent’s
restaurant… We talked about what they had done so far for
their wedding this June… by the way, as a reminder, I’m
the best man at their wedding…. A proud fact…
Theresa wants to set me up with her bride’s maid… this
will be interesting… I’m kind of excited actually to see
what she looks like and what her personality is like… Ya
know though, I’m know I’m still stuck on Susan… Gosh, it’s
going to be really hard to find someone who matches her
qualities… I know that I’m not supposed to compare my
future significant other to Susan… I just really lost a
good girl… It seems like every day, I think about her…
then I think about how she’s with her new boyfriend (some
dork from Columbia) and it depresses me… However, I am
optimistic that I’ll find a nice girl again… I think
finding love is all about timing… Love comes and
goes…. And many times you find yourself losing at the game
of love…. But I think once your life is settled down and
you’ve established yourself… love will be easier to find…
because once you find it, you can hold on to it…
With Susan, I still had so many uncertainties about my
career as well as hers… I don’t even know where I’m going
to end up… what city or even state… but I do know if
I’m single at the time.. I will follow Sutton’s law…. “Go
where the money is…”

I want to succeed in life sooo bad… I know success is not
measures in dollars… but happiness… my success consist
of having a prestigious career with a comfortable income, a
great wife, two adorable kids, and a close relationship
with God…

Well, my lil’ bro and sis are hounding me to play some
cards… so I’m going to cut this short… let’s hope the
weather clears up in Lake Tahoe… so I can do some serious

Goodnight… I’m off to kick my lil’ siblings ass in cards….

“Chase the Zebra, but Ride the Mule!”