A. Phrend

Untouchable Memories
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2002-01-26 22:27:18 (UTC)

Andrew the Pharmacist

Hello again,

Well, I spent the whole day doing errands today… then later
in the evening I played tennis with friends at a high class
country club with indoor courts… Gosh, I can’t wait til I
finally start making my 6 figure salary…. Then I can enjoy
the finer things in life… anyhow, I played tennis against
some old friends… my arm is soooo sore right now… both of
my friends Ming and Pierre are married and have one kid
already… and their kids are both adorable… seeing those
kids gives me some motivation as that is what I so much
want in life… a family of my own… and a prodigy …. Two of

Well, I told you I would tell you a little about my best
friend Andrew…so let me fill you in a little…Andrew is one
year younger than me…We both attended Purdue together but
he was one grade below me… Andrew has a likeable
personality once you get to know him better…. He’s funny,
intelligent, active, outgoing, and people say we look like
twins… which must make him handsome…hehehe Andrew
however is a little bit shorter than me which must drive
him crazy because I always make fun of him for being
shorter… Andrew like myself is also searching for love…
but one thing…he’s still has a lot of maturing to do… he
is mature though…but he still needs a lot of issue to deal
with before he reaches that point of a serious relationship…
he once had a serious girlfriend named Linda…in which he
was totally in love with her….she broke his heart into a
hundred pieces… since then, he’s not quite the same
person… Andrew places a lot of importance on money and
material …. Which is one of his pitfalls…because it
sometimes gets in the way of relationship…he’s pharmacist
and makes good money… Andrew works out like a mad man…
one day he just started a working out frenzy… He’s really
cut and toned now…. He’s very strong for his sized… I
guess looking good physically makes him feel good inside…

Gosh, I have sooo many funny stories to tell you about
him…. One time, I played a prank on him where I had one of
my friends call him at our apartment…they pretended to big
the radio host of one of the local stations… they
basically told him he had won a thousand bucks… and he
actually believed it… he won the money on the basis that
he answer one question right… and when they asked him, he
didn’t know the answer… I told him I knew, but I wanted
half of the winnings….he agreed w/ sweat on his forehead as
he was stalling for more time to answer the question… when
I gave him the correct answer, he started jumping up and
down in excitement as he won the grand prize of a thousand
dollars… then when I went to remind him of his promise to
me… he totally shrugged it off…and said he would give me
$10…. Gosh, I was sooo pissed off… so I didn’t tell him of
the prank until later on….hahhaaha as a way to teach
him a lesson…ahahahaa I was going to let him go into a
bank to claim his prize… the people at the bank would have
been laughing their ass off…. But I had to break it to him
of the prank because he was about to call him mom and dad
to inform them of the good news..hahaha Andrew also has
played some pranks on me too…. Ya know, I get along with
him better than anyone I know… He’s like a brother to me…
there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him… like I said, he’s
going to be my best man for sure… He’s such a good friend….
However there was a time when we got to a big fight because
I would lie to a girl for him…. He was dating like 3 girls
at one time.. and he got busted one night…..I wouldn’t
cover for him and we ended up getting in a argument… but
we made up like 1 year after that incident…

Well, I’m going to have to cut this short tonight… it’s
like 3:45 am now…and I’m exhausted…. So I’ll end here…
thank again for reading …my eyes are falling shut…

Til the next time. Take care everyone… Goodnight and
sweet dreams…

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