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Untouchable Memories
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2002-01-26 22:25:31 (UTC)

Dec 26th, My B-day

Hello again,

Well, today is birthday… Dec 26th …. And I must say,
it was a good day… Got to spend it with friends and
family… had a couple of friends send me emails… and
especially one from Susan… she also wished me a happy
bday… it was good to hear from her, although I’m sure it
was just out of courtesy… anyhow, it was nice to hear
from her… I still miss her dearly….

I also got an email from Charlene… Charlene is an old
friend from my hometown of Indiana… we’ve been friends for
a long time… she use to date one my friends who has now
disappeared as he moved away to Denver… as he left, she
and I became good friends…we hung out a lot before I
started medschool…but we never hooked up… I’ve always
liked her…and to be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t ask
her out…maybe because I knew I was going away for
medschool… I know Charlene’s family well as I adore her
mother.. She is one of the nicest ladies I know… She
(Charlene’s father) recently had her husband sadly passed
away due to cancer… I was so shocked and sad to learn of
the news… God definitely works in mysterious ways… I know
everything in life happens for a reason… some reasons are
clearer than others…

Well, Charlene sent me a happy birthday wish…. Charlene is
a Pharmacist… she’s 24, cute, bright, and very down to
earth…. The more I think about her, the more I’m
attracted to her… She would definitely be a candidate as
Mrs. Right… but one problem… she lives in Indiana and I’m
in California… I made a pact with her…. She and I
promised each other if we both don’t get married within the
next 10 years, then we would marry each other..…hehehehe
… by the way, she goes commando style when she sleeps…
just one of the many revealed intimate secrets…
How funny huh? Sounds like the movie “My best friend’s
wedding” I honestly can see myself with Charlene…
She’s also in the medical field (pharmacy)…. So we would
have a lot in common… plus, we have fun together when we
hang out….. I lost contact with her when I was dating
Susan… I recently went out on a pseudo-date with her this
past Thanksgiving when I visited Indiana… and let me tell
you… she looked fine! We went dancing… and as I held her
close to my body… I couldn’t help but feel a sense of
attraction to her… her body was sleek and definitely sexy…
and at the same time, she looks very professional… Damn, I
wanted to kiss her that night… but I was currently
pursuing a new relationship with a girl named
Cynthia..which I’ll tell you more about later… I hope I
don’t sound like a player… because I’m honestly not… I’m
just a lost soul looking for Mrs. Right… I will only
pursue one girl at a time… and until that relationship
fails, I’ll keep my full focused on that one girl…

My best friend Andrew also called me to wish me Happy
Bday… Andrew is also a pharmacist… He was my college
roommate… but I’ll tell you more about him later.. or
else I’ll be writing for days… but I do just want to say
that’s he’s been a great friend… I’ve already designated
him as my “best man” when I get married..

Tonight, my other best friend Tao took me out for sushi.…
(I have 5 friends who I consider as best friends, Andrew,
Dan, Salman, Tao, and Phu) Tao is getting married to a
very sweet girl named Theresa (or also known as Loan)…
Theresa and I are also good friends… and guess what?
I’m the best man at their wedding.. I’m really excited
for the both of them because they had such a rocky road
along the way… they once had a very serious break up and I
did everything I could to get them back together… which
they finally did… I totally trust Theresa …. She’s like
the only girl I know who I fully trust as I’ve known her
for several years now.. and she’s there for me when I
need her…at least I hope:) Tao and Theresa are absolutely
perfect for each other… They are going to be very happy
together… Theresa is trying to set me up with one of
her cousins… this will be interesting….

I’m currently listening to a song called “I can be your
Hero” by Enrique… This song really digs deep…. Because I
so dearly want to find love… I really want to find my
perfect match…. I feel like I’m ready to give my all to
a girl… I want to be her hero.. her knight in shining
armor….. I know she’s out there…. I thought Susan was her…
but that apparently wasn’t the case… then I dated another
girl named Cynthia who I mentioned earlier in this
submission for a month… She appeared to be perfect in
everyway. She was educated, very cute, well rounded, and
articulate… but she was missing the most important
qualities I look for in a girl… such as maturity,
commitment, loving, caring, and being thoughtful… I won’t
go into much detail about her because I’d rather forget
about her… You could say we diddn’t end on good terms…but
then again, it never ends on good terms…. The only
relationship that I’ve ever had that ended on good terms
was with a girl who I dated in college… by the way, I went
to Purdue Univ.. well, this girl’s name was JoAnn… I dated
her my last year in college….however she graduated before
me… and we both new our career paths went different ways…
We were still friends for the longest time… but as I left
for medschool…we kind of drifted apart…

Gosh, I’m really diverging in subjects tonight…. Well, I
just want to conclude by thanking God for granting me so
many wonderful friends… I truly am blessed… You know,
one of my dear friends once said to me that I have such a
magnetic and amiable personality… I really appreciated
that comment… because I really try to be a good friend…
time and time again, I will go out of my way for
others… Well, to my 27th birthday.. Thank you God for
all you've given me...

“Life is what happens while you’re planning it…”