My World of Spinning Thoughts
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2002-01-26 21:54:15 (UTC)

The days of my life

The days are coming and going like nothing in this world has
any meaning. Everyone has one routine, if it is boring as
can be, or, your in juvi, your used to it. But what about
those few people who just do what they want when they want?
What about the people who don't know what their doing friday
night, they could be reading a play, sitting by a peacful
fire in there little house, or they could be on te back of a
motercycle screaming that sooner or later the penguins will
come and steal your sanity. Now, if you put these two
pictures together in your mind, you say "no, that type of
person isn't possible, there is no way someone in this world
could be so mismatched" well, if you find this type of
person to be unreal, you must not have much room in your
imagination to think about it much because i am that person.
Not exactly, word for word, but i make no plans, i follow no
rules, but i'm not stupid, nor boring. Please write to me if
you have any questions, or if you just want to talk, i can be
very strange at times, but that doesn't mean i am any
different.....well, maybe i am very different, but you should
be afraid....well, sometimes you should be afraid, but not
enough to run away....well...we'll see how it goes.

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