mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-26 21:26:13 (UTC)

Andy LOVES Lisa !!!

well, where do i begin ??? lisa & i went out on our 1st
real date in thhe almost 9 months that we have been
together last night. we went to foxwoods , started by
dropping $20 in slots, then dinner @ cedar steakhouse, more
gambling, played roulette for 1st time ,& did money wheel
too. we had a blast !!! food was much better than
excellent, being with my one & only lisa was great ! was
disappointed that we were not winning as much as i wanted,
but if everyone won, they wouldnt be in business... saw a
absolutely gut wrenching comedy show - williams&ree, i had
never heard of them, but boy were they funny !!!!
almost had asthma attack & pissed pants laughing so hard !
i wish night didnt have to end ! right now, i am wearing
her high school ring on my pinkie....I LOVE YOU LISA !!!
we are definately getting married, no doubt bout that in
my mind. I just have to get ass in gear & get a date lined
up. At this rate, i think we are just gonna do it ,just get
blood test , license & jp & do it. nothing fancy , very
simple ceremony . Even nicole & mike are starting to warm
up to me, nicole has been my shadow for a while, but mike
is trying to get close , but he is a tough nut to crack.
he gets along good w/jon & nicole w/jessica & jon, so this
will work out , on that i am certain.
it would be nice if my mom& dad were supportive, but i
guess you can't have everything, so i have to be happy that
lisa & i have each other.
i am hoping to take another friday night off either next
month or in march, and maybe another in april.
lisa & i have a blast when we are together, we are just
like teenagers in love , she is soo sweet to me, I am soo
glad that she is a part of my life, together we can conquer
---- well , i guess that is about it for now, i will write
more later, maybe....