for show and tell
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2002-01-26 20:48:40 (UTC)

scott mcCloud!!

so, i've downloaded a TON of versions of carol of the
bells, and i'm like, whoooo~! this song is SO beautiful! i
have the short lyrics, and really need the extended ones
that andy williams sang in his version.

at, i took a test to see which comic book
artist i'd best match up with, based off opinionated and
common knowledge answers. so then i got scott mcCloud as
my #1 selector... and i though, "who the hell is that!?"
so i did a search and found his official site and i read
one of his comics called I Can't Stop Thinking. it's
AWESOME!! he's just like me, i swear! very logical; things
must be thought out to explain them! his style is really
neat; he connects all the panels with lines, and it's
pretty easy to follow where it is you should go next. and
not only that, since he's doing computer-type art, he can
add neat-oh special effects and stuff. his art is cool, he
puts himself in it. as for his paper comics, well, i've
only been told he's got two, one of which is really old,
and another that was a one-time thing. so, i'm enjoying
the onliney-ness.. ^_^


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