The Eye Into My Soul
2002-01-26 20:10:03 (UTC)

body art...

I just got back from (dramatic reverb) getting my tongue
pierced. I already have two tattoos and my ears pierced (4
in right ear, 5 in left ear) so the next thing in this
sequence to do seemed to be that I get my tongue pierced...
besides I think that tongue rings are super cool. At the
moment it is a little sore, but it doesn't really hurt...
it didn't hurt much when I got it done, having the clamp on
my tongue was worse than the sticking through of the
needle. Later on after it heals I'm going to go and get a
turtle to screw on the end. I saw these really cool ones at
the place where I got it done. The Tattoo Tavern is a
really good place and they give a student discount which
really rocks!

Hopefully it won't hurt much tomorrow... the guy said that
it usually hurts more the next day but hopefully I will be
an exception and it won't hurt at all.

Yay for Body Art!