Things to keep secret
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2001-04-20 18:40:42 (UTC)

another day of PURENESS

Hello all today is a different day but same shit of course..
I love my life only because, I am happy to live a life with
my kids ages 3, 2 and 1 and my 4 cats, and of course my
hubby. See I have some confessions tho, usually I would
want to do this at church like you see on TV in those box
like things that you spill your guts but hey, I cant I have
never done that and dont plan too, dont know who I am
talking to?

Anyway for one I was always trying to get in touch with
people in my past and when I did it makes me feel bad to
put my love to a test, I could of made out with this guy
that I used to make out with all the time, he went to the
army and stuff and I saw him when he used to come home and
we used to be a sex machine together.. Well one day awhile
ago not too long ago me and my friend Jenn went out
together and we met Darrell there at the club after the
club I was pissy drunk and I rode with Darrell to the
Denny's restaurant where we met Jenn and her boyfriend
Junior. He tried to go up my shirt and was kissing on me
and I found out that he had some sort of thing just to get
me in the bed and he didnt care to me that I was married so
I pushed him off, I knew my hubby was messing around on me
but he never tried anything like this, except sent the
bitch his class ring, and a bracelet he bought from
Wal~Mart, that was about $30 and I am kind of upset because
we dont have money that we can just throw away, and he has
not bought me anything for a while...~~~...

We were having trouble before I even knew about this bitch
named Erica or however you spell it!! He was picking fights
for anything possible, he told me he has fallen out of love
with me but he still loves me, I kept fighting because I
knew it was worth fighting for..Well she was filling his
head with a bunch of shit..She told him she loved him and
wanted him in her life she has 10 years on him and it is
funny because I know that she was just using him she had a
boyfriend and he was sending her things and spending money
on him, just like when he was with this girl named Keri
before we got together, she was married to a DC cop and
then had a boyfriend named Donnie that used to beat her ass
or so she said, and he was with her because he had money
that he spent on her til he met me and found out that she
didnt want him around me and that he knew he could do
better and he did, when he told her that he was going to
give me rides home from work when she didnt want him too..

Well my hubby said that whatever he gets from me he
deserves but for real, he knows that I am not going to do
anything behind his back or in front of him~~~!!!~~~

I am done for now but I will return and be happy to know
that I got alot of JUNK off at my earliest and, not to
mention that I am home alone...

Also I am not friends with Jenn, and the reasons are that
she want me to break my neck to watch her daughter Nee~Nee
when I sprained my ankle, some friend to still want me to
watch her daughter when I cant even get out of the bed.

Well "S" I will return tomorrow!!!