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2002-01-26 19:56:15 (UTC)

Friends....cherries on the sundae of life. :-)

So Friday...I was struggling. I went to bed not too late
Thursday night and I thought I slept ok, except I did wake
up like every 2 hrs b/c for some reason I was afraid I
would oversleep. Went to brkfst with Mer and studied some
spanish. Then there was microeconomics. Ok, I really
honestly could not keep my head up or my eyes open. I was
like Meredith...I have got to do something about this.
Mello Yellow....60 cents, trip to the student lounge.....10
extra feet of walking, caffeine to keep you awake in your
next 3 classes....priceless. :-p
So cell was long as usual b/c the woman does drink water
this semester, however...her clock constantly runs 5
minutes slow, which gives me 4.5 minutes to trek to the
middle of campus and up 3 flights of stairs. So spanish
was not quite horrendous, but not peachy either. (Thanks
to Heather for the word peachy. :-p)
A quality Marshbanks lunch followed. So we ate with a
friend that shall remain nameless. But we had a
conversation about this class we had together our freshman
year. A class I happened to do well in, b/c it is not as
difficult for me as some of my other science/math classes.
It's just what I'm good at. But, apparently I was the only
one who made an A in the course, and apparently everyone
knew it was me. Except for the fact that I was oblivious
to all of this until during this conversation. So I
proceeded to joke around about it, but really it kinda
upset me. I know it shouldn't matter what people think
about me, and I shouldn't care what they think. But you all
know how I am, and I try, I really do sometimes. I am my
own person, and most of the time I'm on the other side of
the line where I haven't done so well, but I dunno...it's
just not fun knowing that ppl were ill with you, or
But it doesn't really matter b/c the people that matter the
most to me are probably my friends and so the day got much
better when my best friend Beth arrived in the "town" of
Buies Creek. I'm sure she was amazed at the quaint
university, or the lack of one. :-p We chilled here and
then I took her on the tour of the entire campus...ha. We
all went to Cary and had supper at Ragazzi's, which I had
never been to before. But it was wonderful :-) and then we
went shopping. So I hadn't planned to buy anything, but of
course I ended up buying myself a birthday gift...ha. A
shirt, ring and earrings. BUT...it was all on sale and I
got it all for under $25, that's good, right? Then when we
came back I opened Beth's gift and I am SO excited about
it!! So I'm all worried about getting into the apartments,
and having stuff once I get there. :-p So she got me the
cutest dishes! They have daisies on them! I LOVE
daisies!! Anyways, I was really really excited about it.
THEN she brought the Fast and the Furious....which I LOVE
and so we watched that. I'm not sure that anyone else
wanted to watch it, but they did. :-) Heather was just
like I was. Never in real life would I actually be
interested in all this car madness..but I LOVE that movie.
Makes me wanna drive. :-p Plus...they're hot...hehe.
This morning we just were kinda lazy. Got some pizza for
lunch and Beth left a bit ago. It was nice to have the
best of both worlds for a while. You know...how you have
your home life and then a life at school. Well, I got to
have part of both. :-) It was exciting, b/c my friends
make me laugh so much and for a little bit I can forget
about all the craziness in the real world, worrying about
my future, and just live for the moment laughing about the
silliest things. Then I got to talk to Bridget Elise for a
bit and that was exciting. I love you guys and I am so
thankful for you all.
This weekend is all about some laziness although to benefit
myself I should definitely do some work. Perhaps I will
now, although I hear word that there's a frisbee game
developing this afternoon. It's a pretty day. :-)
Tonight we're gonna go to the One Act Festival here at
Campbell. I'm excited about that too. Seeing plays and
such, another way to escape reality, gives you another life
or something like that to analyze instead of your own. :-)
So I'm excited about that, that was the point. :-p