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2002-01-26 19:23:07 (UTC)

busy busy

well im babysitting right now and let me tell you, these
kids are monsters. This is my only escape. Im ready to
just let them kill each other.
Yesterday mike came over, he's a model for abercrombie and
of so fine, but we are just friends, we went up to this
resteraunt/diner and talked for a while then i took him
i like a guy named willie. he is going to be 19 march
second. My parents and his parents think he is too old for
me so we are forbiden to talk to eahc other outside of
church and have to remain friends. he's really hot --
6"2', brown hair, greenish brown eyes, skinny though. he
has a really cute smile and always makes me hapy.
there is another guy though, jordan. He is 22 and was my
director in the one acts. we are really good friends and
all. he hugs me everytime he sees me and he only has
stayed in touch with me out of the cast members. Now he is
back assistant director on Joseph and the amazing
technicolor dream coat. everyone thinks there is somehting
going on between us, but i assure everyone there is not.
he would get fired and kicked out of his college if there
was. I like him though A LOT. He is way too old for me
though. We are just gonna stay friends.
lets see, what else is oing on in mmy life. It's been a
long time since i wrote. OH im going to scotland this
summer! I went alraedy last summer buti get to go again
with my high school drama department!! I have to get a job
this summer beacuse i have to get a new car. The one i
have is so trashed..... M