Little Bird

Private Babbling
2001-04-20 18:15:52 (UTC)

~depresssssed today

My head hurts. She just e-mailed me after about a week of
only vague e-mails. She says she’s falling for someone, a
female. Great, I’m happy for her.
I get to baby-sit again for her while she goes out…with her
new friends.
I guess this means I better find my own life. She gets
really obsessive about her playmates and I’m having doubts
that she’ll have time for me. Plus anytime I meet her
friends they think I’m totally jealous of them. I hate this…
I really do.

This is what she said to me…

“are you mad???? concerned??? i thought you knew this was
coming, all things considered. you have nothing to worry
about - you are my BEST friend, no one is going to
interfere with that the way buttlick did, ever again. i

The whole thing feels like she wants her cake and to….eat
it too.
I just got out of an on-line ‘thing’ w/a female some I
could spend more time with her. I could see something
coming but this is just really annoying me. I guess I won’t
be happy with anyone she picks and I wouldn’t truly be
happy w/her.

I just need to get my life in order right now and stop