My Life
2002-01-26 18:40:11 (UTC)

Meeting a new guy Monday...

Terry was in town Thursday, back from TX, so he called to
invite me for dinner. So I came home, took care of my
babies, the ones i'm pet sitting, and then I picked him up
at the yard and we went to dinner. We went to a place that
I really like, he had never been there before. Said he
liked it but I don't think he was thrilled. After dinner we
went back to his yard, and he gave me a quick kiss and we
parted. I left feeling a little empty. I wish he had wanted
to talk more or kiss more or ?.....
Then he ended up not leaving yesterday so he called me at
work to see if I wanted to go to dinner again, but I had
plans with my girl cousins for dinner, but we met after for
a late movie. We saw "Black Hawk Down" which was really
good, Terry loved it, he's into the military stuff being an
Army veteran. He really loved it. Some of it was a tad
graphic for me, but it was not sensationalized either.
Again, he gave me a fairly quick kiss and that was it.

He may be home Sunday to make a local delivery Mon. a.m. so
I told him he was welcome to come over Sunday night after I
get back from Alpha, he could stay here too, although we're
not sleeping together, I'd be comfortable with him staying.
I'm not sure he will though.

I'm meeting Chris for dinner Monday here in my town, but
he's been calling, talked to him today for awhile. I really
like this guy on the phone. HE's so midwestern. I love
that. He seems down to earth, real and he's a good dad.
We'll see what happens.

I have a ton of cleaning to do today and all my laundry