Inside my mind
2002-01-26 18:03:20 (UTC)

Been awhile

It's been awhile since I've written anything, but I've just
been too busy n ahven't felt like writting anything. Well,
Monday I found out that Josh wanted to go to the Navy, the
worst part is that he didn't tell me my aunt did. Then just
Thursday he told me that he was going to the recrutting
office. Yes I cried, but it's for the best even if I am
losing a great friend. I think this is the greatest thing
he could do for himself. Oh well, I feel bad for being
selfish about it all to, but everything will work out for
the best I guess. I know that I'll still get to talk to him
n all, but just not as much. N I'll barely get to see him.
Now I think he's mad at me or something, b/c it's Saturday
n I haven't talked to him since Thursday morning. Hopefully
I'll see him today or atleast talk to him. Ne ways I'm
gonna go. Later yal.