Pure Belligerence
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2002-01-26 17:57:11 (UTC)

*Ahh, i feel so wanted....*

heh, hey, dont mind me.... its just that so many people
wanna chill today... jenna and lindsay want to go see a
movie, alicia wants to chill, zack wants to chill i think,
and missy wants me to go to ny.... i think im gonna go with
lindsay and jenna, though, because lindsay has a car and
can drive.... so can jenna..... it'll be more fun that
way. Mother is away.... and i dont know which cell phone
number on the caller id is my moms friends... theres like 7
numbers on there, and i dont wanna be like, hi, who are
you... but were not going out for awhile so hopefully shell
call before then...