even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-01-26 17:26:02 (UTC)

im che guevarra

so.. i had a dream about smoking weed... and mike was
there, and joselin, or, joshua, both i think.. we were in
this old house, eating at a nice table, and hitting a honey
bear bong, only there was no hole, and i woke up casuse i
was holind my breath in real life... katy = not breathing,
so no more sleep for me... but.. that also meant i woke up
thinking baout mike... bah... im such a geek... but im
gonan tell him.. heres the thing, im stupid... i made up my
mind to tell him, maybe tuesday, the next timei i saw him,
and i saw him, and i walked past... cause im stupid.. and
oppurtunity presented itself and i squandered it, i hope
its not too late, b/c i cam a stupid ass, and maybe this is
an oppurtunity im goign to have to miss to learn not to
miss anymore... i wrecked moms car... dont; want to talk
abotut that much anymore... everything has worked out
really well, though.. it hink it was a "wake up call" i
hate to say that cause its so cheesey, but i really think
that it was.. telling me not to be scared... telling me
that life is fragile, and not to be wasted or be scared...
im not goigng ot be scared anymore, because why? what the
hell is to lose not being scared? but so many things can be
lost if you ARE scared.. what a bad fucking plan.. i called
the girl at amy's an apologized for tlaking abotu dealing
cocoaine, and she was liek, ahahaha i knew you were
jooking.... and i wa lsike, good... eh he he... so.. thats
good... and im reading this book kelly gave me, be here
now, kind of hindu phylosophy, its really nice.. and i
think its kindof making me weird, but it hink for the
better... a personal revolution if you will.. and i think
tht'll be great.. and im not goign to be scared anymore..
because, i only have things to loose.. and i dont; want to
lloose anymore, because tehre is so much to gian... ahhh...