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2002-01-26 17:05:32 (UTC)


so last night that little kid came over. fun fun. ok, so
things were going ok untill the pizza man came. i was
upstairs and didn't hear the doorbell. so the kid goes and
opens the door, and invites him in. i come downstairs and
see him watching tv in my living room. i was like who is
that guy? then i realized who he was. i glare at the kid
and she says "you were pottinging and i let the nice man
inside till you got out!!" i couldn't believe it. then she
eats like 8 or 9 pieces. i'm not joking either. and then
she says shes still hungry. this is a third grader, how
much can she eat?! so i go and make her some waffles, b/c
she says thats the only thing shes allowed it
eat....right.... so then, i get online and tell her to put
the syrup away. she said ok. then later she starts running
around the house yelling, "i want sugar!" i told her she
didn't need anymore sugar. then she starts hoping around
the house making frog noises. then she hops over to my
older sister who also stayed home with me, and starts
sniffing my sisters arms. my sister gives her this really
scared and annoyed look, and tells her to get away. i burst
out laughing! that kid acts like shes four. then finally
our parents got back and my moms friend took the kid home.
what a night. and this morning i go to get the syrup, and
find out that the kid didn't put the lid on and it spilled
all over the cabnet. thats the last time i'm watching that