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2001-04-20 17:14:12 (UTC)

tired of living my life in a cage poem

well hre it is friday.. i missed curves ysterday and don't
want to go back today. i'm tired.. i just wanna quit.. i'm
actually very very frustrated.. and sick of being patient..
but guess this is where most persons would normally quit..
me included.. well i am trying. we'll c .. maybe i'll get
up the strength and go.

i'm so pissed off .. i want to rage
i'm tired of living my life in a cage..
i want to let go unburden my soul
just give in and -quit- go away..
inside thre's that place where i can deny
the cold hard effects of that dam piece of pie..

so fricken angry not wearing my jeans
i want some desert not dammed whole green beens..

i'm not strong .. i'm weak .. i've been all my life..
what makes me think now i can handle the strife..
of dieting discipline willpower ..lame.. i've tried this
before but i've always regained..

what makes this try different why won't this recur..
i'm blinded by falls my visions a blur..
or try try again if at first no succeed..
is that the rememberable message i need..

just one more day just one more week i hear this alot
but then they do add up.. so i'll try go the distance and
maybe for once.. i'll wind up acchieving what i thought
couldn't be mine..

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