stella's steamy paperback novel
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2002-01-26 16:25:09 (UTC)

very weird nite

Yesterday i had a free day so i went to the mall with my
best friends, Rosie, Hollis (Ohad), and Juliah (Luliag).
Everything went as it should. Shopped around for bras,
made some friends/embarassed the ones we have, and it was
an overall success. Went home to rosie's, ate pizza and
cake (the cake ending up all over my face and hair.... use
your imagination with the latter two hahaha). I was going
to sleep over but for some reason, my parents wouldn't let
me. They made me come home at 10:00. I was like argh.

so yeah, i go inside and go into my livingroom and POW! my
sister Rosa, whom i haven't seen in 8 months is sitting on
my couch! She just came home from India without telling
anyone and just showed up on my doorstep!!! Friggidy Boo
baw!!!! i was so surprized!!!!

you know i got to thinking... that i want to be a
millionaire. i can't think of a better thing for me to be!
infact, i've decided thats what i'm going to be when i
grow up! now all i have to do i invent something.
something that nobody can live without. you know, like the
hotest thing since sliced bread! then i'll just get filthy
and even... morbidly rich, if you will! it'll be great! so
i can spend the rest of my life focusing on the finer
things in life! like .... doing nothing! or "spending warm
summer days indoors" as my favourite Morrissey says. it'll
be great.

boy i have such great ideas! and i'll be able to fly!

well. i'm off the salivate a little more over this....
later on friends

love stella