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2001-04-20 17:09:59 (UTC)

On the 6


So today i went to yet another appointment with my mum,
I'll be damned if the nurses think I work for my mum. After
that Kuran and Jaipreet graced us with their presence, at
least we had a film to watch in order to help hush the
constant arguing, but seeing as my taste is more
funny 'haha' then funny 'clever' (blatant lie, I
practically ooze sarcasm) I couldn't really get in to "Oh
Brother, where art thou?"

**Sleep with your eyes open**

I think all of my friends have dis-owned me, the fact is my
inbox is starting to gather dust and that seriously scares
me, all that "we'll keep in touch, even if we are going to
different schools" stuff is crap, i haven't heard a peep
out of them for ages.

**Nenenenenenenenenenene Batman!**

So that's basically it, is it me or are my entries getting


ps what the hell does "nextra" mean? Please help me out