The lost little girl
2002-01-26 16:02:06 (UTC)

" Chapter Three : Becoming an Aunt"

Since i haven't brought it up yet, i think i should before i
forget or something stupid like that.

I'm gonna be an Aunt. My sister and my brother in law are
Adopting and the adoption went through.He's from out of the
country but i'm not gonna get into all that stuff. His name
is Sebastian Thomas and he's so adorable.
When i first found out they were adopting..i didn't think it
was gonna feel like this. I probably couldn't even describe
it. I'm happy and so excited, but there's a strange feeling
in here...I look at my mom and i can just see her, standing
there with Sebastian in her arms, and being a gramma. This
makes me smile.
I think that just seeing someone looking at my sister and
calling her mommy, that is what gets me. My sister and
bro-in-law have wanted a child for a while. And now, it's
finally coming true...i just hope i can be as happy as they
are some day...

BTW..i bought my sister...well no..i bought my nephew some
gifts yesterday when i was out with chris " job hunting"
(LOL). I bought a little sylvester pluch toy that's got a
rattle in it. and a bib that has Winnie the Pooh on it and
he's looking up at the stars and it says " Goodnight pooh"
...so cute...
OH OH OH and i can't forget to mention this. Yesterday my
ribs hurt cuz i slept wrong...and me and chris are walking
through the baby section of Wally world and i keep grabbing
my stomach...let me tell you..we deffinately got some funky
ass looks from the people around us...
well that's all..i'll be back tomorrow
ily- janie

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