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2002-01-26 15:46:57 (UTC)

two fuck.

it took me a while before i finally decide to air this.

now, i dont give a flying two fuck abt it.
no i dont.

it didnt occur to me that way. how could i be so dumb so

i was talkin to a fren of mine the other day and she
mentioned dis out to me.

how cld she have thought so low of me? how could she of all
people think i would be so cheap to sell myself out?
how could that thought cross her mind much less come out
from her mouth?

"u fucked someone?"

what the bloody hell was that suppose to mean??
just what the bloody hell?

my answer wld have given u a bloody legitimate reason to
call me a whore and a cheap slut wouldnt it??

wouldnt it??

god. how could i have been so dumb and so blind???


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