thoughts right now
2002-01-26 15:33:17 (UTC)

Belle and Sebastian dream #1

So, I finally had one. Those dreams that you have about
bands or some kind of famous person because they slip so
permanently into your unconscious well as taking
up residence in the conscious one.

We were in a large auditorium, with tons of seats and
levels of seating. I think I've been there before in
dreams. (I have recurring settings in my dreams...usally
abandoned places that alternately make me feel wonderful or
really sad.) Dark red velvet curtains and those
uncomfortable wooden seats that flip down (like in a
lecture hall) were everywhere.

In a side room, I was near a huge paned window, and I
noticed out of the corner of my eye (as you do)that the
band was arriving. I don't think I knew that there was
going to be a concert today, maybe just that there would be
a chance the band would show up. Anyway, I saw a guy in the
band who I recognized, maybe Richard, standing off to the
side talking to some friends. I went to say hello and he
was very warm and friendly. He introduced me to his friends
and I remember feeling embarrassed that I didn't know them
on sight, because apparently they were also in the band. I
didn't recognize them, but I think in my dream the band had
something like 20 people in it. I shook hands with all of
them, but kept scanning the crowd for Stuart Murdoch. I ran
into a friend (from hs days)and we were getting caught up.
Apparently Brian (the friend) was now working as a roadie
(along with his wife) for the band. I was explaining to him
about how I had tried to go see the band last Sept., but
didn't get to due to my plane being cancelled. He looked a
bit sad about that, and said "Well, your luck is about to
change! They're going to do a sound check in a few minutes
and you can stay and watch!"

I was so excited! I remember trying to call Lee to tell him
to get his butt over there, so he could hear it too. I was
saving one of the uncomfortable seats for him. He showed up
just as the band was starting to play...and of course
that's when I woke up. Dammit! I wanted to see what songs I
would make up for them to play.

It was a nice dream just the same.

Maybe not that eventful but it was fun for me to hang out
with the band anyway.