Flowers On the Razor-Wire
2002-01-26 15:02:28 (UTC)

This might be long winded......

.....because I'm at work... all day.... with about 9 1/2
hours to go, and I'm all by myself. All day. Weeeeeee. I
hate this. The night before one of these insane shifts,
I'll be thinking to myself, "yeah dude, I'm gonna bring all
this stuff to keep me busy! My Gameboy Advance, some
books, some comics, all sortsa crazy shnit! I'll cruise
the 'net for a while, play some pool at yahoo online, it'll
be great!" Then I get to work, and I'm like, "...ugh. I
am SO bored." How I get through these days is beyond me.
I think I go into a trance-like state that prevents my
brain from feeling the passage of time. Then 7:00 rolls
around and I suddenly wake up and go, "Woo Hoo! Time to
roll on outta here!"
Well anyway, that's the story of my life right now.
I've got a lot of good friends, and we all have lots of fun
together, but there's still something missing. I think
it's pretty obvious what is. There's two things, actually:

A: I need to do something with my life.

B: I need a chick.

Haha, boy did THAT sound shallow! No, I'm serious here.
All my friends are guys right now, and I've come to realize
over the years that I actually get along better with
females than with dudes. There's this one girl I've kind
of got my eye on, though if I want to start any sort of a
relationship it's going to take some planning. Here's the
scope of the situation: she works at the videogame store
that my friend Kevin and I used to work at. She's pretty
cute, dresses a bit on the extravagant side, and seems to
love playing RPG's and stuff. I've only talked to her a
couple of times, but she seems very cool. I don't know how
old she is, which might be a problem. And I don't really
know anything about her family life or anything. Actually,
that kind of stuff doesn't matter too much to me. Every
girl I've dated has always had some sort of a screwed-up
home life. I tend to end up with girls with absent
fathers, for some reason. Whether that's a coincidence, or
has something psychological to do with it, is anyone's
guess. OK. I go now. I be back later. Bye.