One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-04-20 16:46:18 (UTC)

Hi people

Yes, I'm still alive.....Just been too caught up in shit
lately to write....My ex boyfriend chris wants me back
wicked bad...i dunno, o is 4:20!!!!! HELLLLL
YEAAAAHHHH!!!!! its also chris's birthday....i'm giving him
two'm gonna smoke till my head blows up
today.......I LUV mom threatened to send me back
to mclean hospital (the nut house) if she finds one more
thing.....but she already foung my weed, and didnt do
shit..ahahaha....o yeah....Life is feelin pretty good
today....i look good today....I got plenty of
weed....chillin with some fine hotties today (who all want
me) lol....sounds conceited....but i dont care...MY DIARY!
I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT...and they want me!!!!! Oh well,
that shits phat...well,,,,imah have a nice day...My mom
made a huge deal last night becuz mike came ova and he was
high...she didnt want to let me go with him.....i actually
think she was high herself becuz she ALWAYS lets me go when
she knows we are ALL i dunno, but i rudely told
her i was leaving, and left, and there was not another word already started my 4:20
smokin...i smoked a joint this morning....well, i gotz ta
go....i gotta see if everyones down for whats up today..

TATA ~~~~send me feedback you fuckers...haha, jk


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