And Life Goes On....
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2001-04-20 16:11:34 (UTC)

From the Beginning

I was born in San Diego Californina. Right now I live in
Wisconsin and I absolutly hate it. I won't be here long
because I have already lived in 13 different homes and I am
only 15. We are already planning to move again. This time
it's 7 states away. I don't have many good friends. I keep
in touch with the ones I have but other than that I don't
ever have enough time to get close to anyone. My parents
got divorced when I was 3 and that's when my life started
to suck. My whole life I have been stuck between them
fighting ove stupid childish stuff. I have a 10 year old
brother that acts more mature than them when they fight.
And I always get stuck in the middle of it. I feel like I
always have to be the mother sending the fighting kids to
thier corners.I have an older brother and a younger
brother, my older brother and I were born to the same dad
that hasn't paid child support in 14 years for either of
us. He can't keep a job and he lives with his "wife" about
100 miles away. My older brother lives with him now after
he got in a big fight with my mom and he was kicked out. My
younger brother was born to an abusive father. But the odd
thing was, I was the only one besides my mom that got
abused. My mom didn't know he was hurting me because
usaully he hit me or hurt me in places my clothes would
cover. Well, one day he fucked up. He gave me a black eye
when my mom was at work. When she came home he was trying
to make the swelling go down. She asked what happened and
he told her I tripped. I agreed because he told me that if
I said anything to anyone, he would kill me. Well, I ended
up telling the school counciler at the time. Only because
she asked me what happened and I wouldn't talk so she knew
soething wasn't right. She reported him and he was taken to
jail. When he got out a couple years ago he started
stalking me. He use to call and when someone else answered
he would hang up right aways, when I would answer he would
stay on the line and make thrats in a quiet voice. I ended
up staying with my dad for a few months until the phone
calls stopped at my mom's house. He use to call and he knew
exactly what I did that day,in school, in home, at friends
houses.Like the Truman Show. He knew everything. It was so
scary. But one day when I was at my mom's house to visit he
called again. When I answered he said he was back. So I
told him that if he didn't stop calling me I would also
turn his ass in for sexual abuse and rape when he was my
step-father. (which didn't happen) but they don't know
that. He hung up on me when I was finished without saying
anything back. We havn't heard anything from him for a
year. Right now, my dad is suffering from back problems and
is going to jail soon for the child support issue. My mom
is suffering from cancer and my step-mom is also suffering
from a terminal illness. I just broke up with my 2 year
boyfriend, and my mom's bofriend went to jaill last night
for child support also. This is about 1/4 of my lifes story.