~*~*~*~Are you afraid of the truth~*~*~*
2002-01-26 07:57:50 (UTC)

My night nohing really.

HEEEY! I just got home. Well tonight ws better than I had
expected. Around 7 i called up my best friend Monique. I
was Like we are due for our 1 month. once a month with
ditch our b/f's and every1 else and do something together
so we can tak about EVERYTHING. So we went out to dinner
had a real good steak yuum and potatoes. Any way I must say
I looked very nice tonight. Diner was cool. I told her
everything that has been going on and she did as well.
After diner we saw "A walk to remember" starring Mandy
Moore. I personally didn't want to se it. I wanted to see
Black hawk dwn. So anyway we watched a walk to remember
and I cryed like a little baby half the movie. I was like
aaawwww the whole movie. It's totally a chic flick BUT if
any guys are eading this go see it get some cheesey
pointers..hehe.any way I cryed. So I got home i was checkin
my messages. My boy Cornbread had calld I have to get back
to him. I think he bought an Integra tonight. I saw a cell
number I was like hmm who the hell is that. Called up a
guypicked up he's like "HHEEEYYY" I was like uh hey whats
up. he was like it's RICO! Hmm who the fuk is Rico? it was
Kenny. Not the one from NYC he lives in west palm. any way
he's like ya heard from Steveo (my x) I was like no so we
called steven on 3 way. he was like u wanna chill? so they
cam and scooped me up and we picked up this chic jasmine. I
was with 2 mexcans and a puerto rican I was going on like
damn wy am I this lil white brasilian chillin with u just
fukin with them. so we get to stevens and the were having
a lil mexican party they even had the trio there his dad
was like heeyy and started singing to me. his momwas like
why is she here didn't u brek So we all went
todennys me steveo rico and jasmine. I had a icecream
float. any wa. the whole night steven was trying to hold my
had i felt like saying LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! we broke up
damn it! so i was likewe need totak so e chilled at my houe
for bout a half an hour and i told him str8 up things have
changed we are jut friends..blah blah blah...i guess he
loves me or something . But he might be moving back to
chicago. any way I guess I had an Okay night not the shyt
or anything. Well G2...
Go Bekah!