2002-01-26 07:06:51 (UTC)

NO GOOD TITLES..........

Things are so boring man. I hate it being this way. Well,
I'm still happy about the whole GA STATE thing. I mean, it
was the only school that I applied to and I got accepted. I
know it may not seem like something that special to some,
but it is special to me. I can't even explain how much it
means. I went to the library with Jonathan today and we
talked for a long time. We were suppose to be working on a
project, but we just started talking about any and
everything. I'm afraid of going up there by myself. If I
didn't go, then that would be the one thing that stops me.
I know it shouldn't feel like this because I've had to
adapt to a lot of places, but for some reason....I feel
like this is going to be different. It's college....of
course it's going to be different! I don't know. Then it's
like I don't want Jacan or Delilah to go either. We need
time away from each other or something. PMS didn't cause
anything tonite, but they did get on my nerves. They just
kept saying stuff and it made me mad. There are some things
you can play about with me and then there is one thing I
don't play about.....especially with them. I just have this
instinct about something and it just doesn't feel right.
So, if I distance myself away from them for a while, then
it will be my time to think and figure some things out.

You look my way expecting me to speak
And I do because my heart goes weak
I don't know why, but I always run back to you
Even when I say I won't, I always do
You've marked your place on my heart
And time after time you tear it apart
But after all that, I take you back
Maybe because without you, I feel I lack
Because of you, there's a change in me
I'm not as strong as I use to be
I'm afraid to walk away from you
Because I'm afraid of the things you would do
People say walk away, but they don't know
That my heart is with you and I can't let go.
He kissed me on my forehead and that was good-bye
My heart dropped as I contemplated the option to cry
I didn't cry because I see us in the far
I saw this as he walked to his car
He ensures me that I'll receive a call when he comes back
to town
Oh my gosh, he's actually leaving....realizing this as my
heart begins to pound
He kissed me on my lips and that was good-bye
What I have in my heart for him will never ever die
I'd give him my soul, body, and all my love, if given the
Only time without him will make these feelings enhance
He says, "No more Jocelyn," and these words are so sweet
He's been the only male to keep me on my feet
He put his hands on my waist and that was good-bye
I would have given myself there....and that's NO LIE!
My love for him is greater than any other he has had
He'll be my baby always and who cares if SHE gets mad?!
I'm always here for him,my heart holds a place
I'm only hoping that this has only been a taste!
He's says, "bye girl," and that was good-bye
Leroy, I'll never forget you....no matter how hard I try.
~Written August 6, 2001(12:27am)