Matt's Journal
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2002-01-26 06:21:29 (UTC)

Addendum to the first entry...

Whoops, who knew hitting Tab and then spacebar on
accident submits the entry. Apparently not me. Just a
little more to say before I go. I made a big mistake today.
I wrote a note to the girl, not meaning to give it to her
ever. I crumpled it up, and set it by a piece of scrap
paper that was also crumpled. I tossed what I thought was
the scrap papaer at Stephanie, and then mentally hit myself
as it was in all actuality, the note. She now holds it, and
said she's going to give to to Tiff. Well, I suppose Tiff
and I won't be talking for a loooooooong time......great....

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