Matt's Journal
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2002-01-26 06:17:29 (UTC)

Opening of the book.

Today was a horrible day. One of my worst fears was
realized, the object of my affection loves another. I don't
really hate the guy, cause he has a girlfriend and likes
another girl, but has no feelings for the one I love. I
suppose that's some weird twist of fate working to my
advantage for once. I've found comfort in listening to
music and reading mostly, as long as I have a mug of coffee
and a box of tissues for my nose, I'm getting over a horrid
cold. Earlier in the evening I was all warm and cozy on the
couch with said coffee and tissues, reading a lovely book
about druids and their history, and then the phone rings.
The gig my band was supposed to play tomorrow, the one that
we could win $3,000 at, is cancelled. Great... now I have
nothing to do tomorrow. Jim and I are considering going to
Cafe Express to taunt and otherwise embarass a local band
that considers themselves our rival at school. They have
not talent, we don't even consider them a threat. They were
amazed when Jim and I were warming up at a gig, and we
hadn't even gotten into stuff that takes skill. Sad, huh?
Oh well, not everyone devotes their weekends to music I
guess. I've lately found a psychoanalyst in a friend, which
I find very useful. It really helps me release. Now I'm
just babbling, great....

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