Mr. Mister

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2001-04-20 14:53:32 (UTC)

Still Empty

I don't know why, or even IF, I actually believed that
telling M to get out of my life would give me some sort of
peace. It hasn't. There's a big fat empty hole and it
hurts. I miss her constantly which, I suppose, isn't too
much different that missing her constantly before I told
her to get out of my life. What I don't understand yet is
where is the 'good' in this. Time, right? Time will
reveal, time will heal, la la la.

I found a great letter that I wrote M in October and never
sent. It seems that even back then I recognized our
inability to communicate and even then I hated that she had
a boyfriend. Well, folks, she STILL has a boyfriend and
she and I STILL can't communicate. I just wish I didn't