Drama Queen
2002-01-26 05:48:04 (UTC)

Good News!

Well with all of the bad things that have been happening
we all knew that something good was going to have to come
my way sooner or later, its here now!! My fiancee's mommy
is going outta town for a week and said that I could come
over and stay while she is gone!
Well of course with the good comes the bad, me going
means that I am going to have to lie to my parents about
where I am and make it look as if I am really there! On
top of that it is up to my friend on if he wants to drive
us all the way down there. so there is a lot still to work
out and not to much longer to work it out in, spring break
is coming and it is coming FAST!
Oh well I am sure that I ill figure it out, i am alway
being told that I am smart! I guess we will all see just
how smart I really am... well sleep is good and i havent
had some in days so I am going to try and get some!