Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
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2002-01-26 05:37:13 (UTC)

About time!

Laura and I went to Borders tonight to write our absurdist
play for lit, and being the marvellously create people that
we are, it's absolutely breathtaking. After we finished,
we were walking around looking at/making fun of books when
we ran into Amy (quickened heart beat) , who told us that
she too was bored and was thinking about getting a movie,
and we very chivalrously offered to help her pick out and
watch one. We couldn't agree on any movie, so we ended up
getting "circus" out of the two dollar bargain bin, and
coming over to my house, since both of them have cars,
(among other reasons) we came over here to watch it. For
the better part of the movie, while trying to be oh-so-
discreet Amy and I both had rather "wandering hands". We
kept trying to shift to sit so that we'd have good range,
while at the same time not letting Laura see (it helped
that we had a quilt). It was all very innocent and above-
the-clothes kind of exploring. And then Laura had to leave
before the movie was over to be home in time, and Amy and I
were kissing the second she walked out into the hallway.
We jumped when we heard the door shut. And of course my
parents were upstairs, and so I was just going "please
don't come down". And thankfully they didn't, since they
would have been rather shocked. It was a little awkward,
because we were both wearing jeans, and i had on 2 t-shirts
(this was rather impromptu, remember... and I didn't even
have cute underwear), but considering that this was the
first time either of us had been with another girl, it was
pretty comfortable. She's a very good kisser; she has a
very small, soft mouth. And we just kind of went with it.
The couch was a little on the small side, but we made do.
She has great breasts, and I love the way they feel in my
mouth (or the way mine feel in hers), and her smooth skin. She's
fairly aggressive, in a good way. Her:"skank" Me:"of course,
since you're so innocent" Her:"I am... of course I am the one with
my hand down your pants." or Me:"I'll get rid of the nails"
Her:"I like your nails". Then of course she had to leave
(stupid curfew). I'm still shaking a little. I just hope
I didn't do anything wrong... or rather , that I did
everything right...or, you know...