2002-01-26 05:28:57 (UTC)


Jeeze I am so terribly sorry! How long has it been? LOL
probably over 5 1/2 months! I have been writing my diary
in a simple note book and completely forgot about this
site! I better let ya get up to date =D!
Okay so, a week after I gave Mrs. Fry my letter she was
fired, so that made me happy , but I also felt bad as to she is an
OLD person and I usually feel bad for those odl type of people and I
want to make them happy but she has a serious attitude problem. we
got a teacher named Ms. Cermak and she was there for a week and she
left =D Now we have Mr. Jinguji. He's 1/4 japanese. I don't like
him because he always flirts with the popular preppy girls and that
is just sickening! Any ways, Ms. Elson has become my favorite
teacher, she understands me so much! Okay, so ever since November or
somethign around that range I have had a crush on this guy named
Terry Osborne! He goes by the name of TJ. He is the "popular"
and I am shy and in the middle of popular/non popular types. he
tried to flirt with me in the library when we had to check out a
book in 5th period for a book report and he said that I was lucky
and smart! =D GAWD! I had just typed a whole bunch more words in
this space and my computer crashed! I HATE U COMPUTER!!
GrRRRRrrRrrrr!! I will tell u more tomorrow!