Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-26 04:59:52 (UTC)


Well, I had this whole nice entry typed, a long ass one
too. Talking about my last to days, the great and horrific
moments in my life. And AOL goes and kicks me off, all 5
paragraphs BANG gone! That pisses me off!!!! *Screams
swear words at the top of her lungs at the computer* !
And I was in a fairly good mood, listening all the good
stuff that has happened to me, but oh no, now I'm ticked at
the universe. So, tough, life's a bitch, and it always
seems to go great and then bite me in the ass. And I was
not even complaining to my dad about AOL crashing and
deleting all that I had written. I was just typing this,
and he (with his all of the sudden insight) tells me I
should just save it as a word document on the computer. So
I then preceded to tell him, I don't want too, cause its
private (granted I don't care that strangers read it, but I
don't my parents or anyone else I might mention, in maybe
not the best of terms to read it). So he gets all mad,
cause now I'm "hiding something." "Are you doing drugs?
Drink? Who are theses 'new' friends your making? Maybe I
shouldn't let you use the computer as much." ect...You know
what, I'm so tired, and in a very bitchy mood right now.
Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Tho with the way things
are going. They will change the TV schedule at the last
moment, and show logging sports instead of Anaheim II
tomorrow morning. So, you know! Grrrr! Ok, well, finally
one good thing. Best Friend to the rescue, finally!!!!
Thank God, for random good things.
Ok, well I'll stop now, before I get kicked off again, and
I'll complain to Jessica. Poor her....

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