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2001-04-20 14:00:09 (UTC) day has really sucked..

well today has just been another day..adn if anyone reads
this diary i am just warning u..i cant type worth
that one thing u wil just have to get use tohahaha..
anyways..schoolis realy is i guess u
could say that most of the druggies didnt show up to school
today..but what kinda shocker is that one..?
Yesterday was pretty weird...i mean i hate some of the ppl
in our school..for no reason what so ever these girls
called me a hoe..while iwas in lunch...haha..the only thing
is..i am not affended so they can just go head adn say
whatever they want..they are juniors.adn i am a freshman
and if it makes them "feel good" to mess with a freshman so
that they can get a good laugh..then ...hell whatever bust
ur bubble !!..
Chris is all mad at me..cause i heard that he had sex with
his girlfriend..adn i asked him about it.adn he got al mad
at me..ccause i woulndt tell him who told me..he got all
defensive adn he must have done it..?
Kinda makes u wonder.?
John i sback aat school tiday (senior) man..he was in shop
class the other day..and he like got his fingers stuck
under the saw blade or something adn cut the tops ofhis
index.adn middle finger off.whatever finger that is that is
closest to ur thumb..i dunno what it is called..but i told
him .not to worry about it.cause with his fingers being
hahahaha/.oh well....amanda bolin is the awesomist..(if
that is even a word)
haha..she cracks me up..!!!!!...NNAC forever amanda!!!!..
anyways//she is smeone i realy admire..casue she is out to
prove taht everything in the world is good until prove
shit..adn i respect that cause i tend to dwell alot on the
negative side of everything..
i dunno i am a usually happy is just at times
things really get me down..adn its hard to get up..i am a
pretty self-concious person........but who wouldnt be..?
Everyone at our school is todally stereotyped..its so sick..
u got ur druggies...and PREPS..u got the wannabes..then u
got the whores..then theirin between it all are the
averageppl..buti mean if that is how u wan tto really see
it.that is how it goes at my school..our school is
apthetic..right down to the cheap ketchup packages that we
have..ahha.its pretty sad..
But at least i feel safe in this i mean ..its
not liek there are fights every two seconds or anything.,
yeah know.?
My best friend is leaha..she is awesome..!!.Thanks for
everything babes...even though u always get the
guys.a.aahhaha..I DONT HATE U..ahaha.
oh one more think leaha...(MOO!)
inside joke.!..Me ans leaha aer alot alike we understnad
eachother..i think that if ppl took the time adn
effort ..they wou,d understand tat we dont mean to send ppl
around us mixed signals about ourselves..with leaha
itis .that everyone thinks she is so shy..adn she realy
isnt at all.hahashe just deosnt trust to man ppl..BUT WHO
SHOULD!!..its true...u cant trust anyone..oir many ppl ..
with me..i am a pretty intelligent person..yeah know..?
i just give pplthe wrong impression cause they are so busy
ridiculing me that they dont even see that side of me..i
have alot of opinions adn things like that ..that ilike to
share with other ppl..
i have alto fo guy friends ..they are..uh..interesting..
haha,they always manage to crack me up.adn its what always
puts me in a good mood...
well i have already wrote me thani had planned..

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