The trilogy of my life
2002-01-26 03:42:29 (UTC)

Surgery sucks

so yesterday i had surgery for the first time, how fun.
Well to fill you in on what happend yesterday i had my
wisdom teeth pulled (i was asleep the hole time thankfuly)
but when i woke up i was home and i didn't even know how i
got home scary huh. When i awoke again my mouth was so
puffy i couldn't even talk so i toke the perscriptions that
i got and slept for a good 14 hours. Today i got up ate
some soft foods and watched tv for the hole day (so nice to
sleep in and miss school while relaxing) and still i'm in
my pj's. Now i can see a diffrence in how i'm doing
getting kinda better hopefully tomorrow i'll be a lot