2002-01-26 03:22:34 (UTC)

La Di Da

So .... my roommie went to Ohio to comfort and support
one of his female friends that's leaving her husband. He'll
be gone until Sunday. He's gonna spend the weekend helping
her look for Apts. *shrugs* He's staying with our friend
ChrisB, he's a cool guy, but his roomie practically
dispises Joey, and his wife is often not happy with him. he
asked me to remind Joey that you should be as hospitipal a
guest as your host is. He took offense, and I told him just
not to be an ass and he'd be fine. *shrugs* He didn't like
that much either. I'm sure he'll do fine.
That leavesme and Kira alone for the first time in a long
time. We watched Legend (great movie) and ate bad things.
Then she did the dishes without complaint and nw she's
listening to her teenie bopper music :)
Conrad and I were gonna go to Ohio too, but then he had to
finish his work and couldn't take off workMonday cause of
silly Camirilla things with White Wolf that he has to get
done. One of the few times he can't leave, cause they want
him there, how can he complain? So..since we can't go to
Jess and Antero's wedding on Monday, he's gonna come here
tomorrow and we'll do something together. It'll be nice
just the three of us. Maybe we'll go see Brotherhood of the
Wolf and let Kia go see one of the movies she wants to.
othe than that..I had a decent day..though I think I
pulled a muscle or something.but I'm sure I'll get better.
Oh..and I'm suppose to pick another Asst for my FF chat,
and the two people I wanted already got asked *sighs* As I
don't really know anyone else on the chat I trust, I may
just end up sticking to one Asst. Oh well