Zone of Misfortune
2002-01-26 03:16:47 (UTC)


Wow, midterm's have passed and gone, and right now it
doesn't really matter to me if i failed them all. Tonight
i jammed with brian weaver, out kinda singer right
now...and it was definatly, undeniably, ground-grabbingly
sweet ass SWEET.
Yeah, so know i gotta learn some songs he knows and then
we'll probably be off makeing our own stuff...i think we
actually have something semi-set up for playing at the
FALCON FAIR and/or Physics fundraiser.

AND BESIDES's coo to know that i am actually
looking at colleges now, probably a film college around
new york, that'd be sweet. Trying to get as much practise
in as possible. Just finished gruesome (foi-gloiven) skit
about the Junior fundraiser including man-eating
pizzas...and then there's the heart on locker things and
the weird jackie chan happy fun time smile variety block
of action shiot.

B-sides that, school is getting shittier than gorrila
snot, and i really can't stand classes anymore. So glad i
got to skip just about all of them today to film CCNN, of
which i anchored. Damn straight skippidy Do, shimmy
shammy TOMMY I"Ming me to finish, Hammy Pop, FIZZZ

Current STatus:
"Happy" and "elated" at possibilities...'tis sweet, i
tells ya, donkey thong sweet.