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2002-01-26 01:37:45 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Last Sunday I met up with the hottest guy in the
grade...Andrew K.!! Bobbi and me were going to meet him,
Dave, Arash, and John Murphy at a school near Arash's house
to play football, but the only reason I wanted to go was
because I liked Dave so much. Well when we got there, we
found out that the guys had already played football and
Dave hadn't come yet. John Murphy had to leave, so it was
just Andrew, Arash, Bobbi, and me. We headed back to
Arash's house and had some snacks. I didn't really talk to
Andrew that much then because I had never like had a
conversation with him before in my life. Then Arash's mom
drove all of us to Andrew's house, where we went sledding
in his backyard. By the way, his house is sooo nice and
big!! Aaah in his room he has in own bathroom with a
jacuzzi and shower, a tv, a waterbed, a nintendo kinda
thing, and 3 computers!! I had to borrow his snowpants b/c
my jeans got so soaking, so he had to adjust them himself
and his hands like touched my boobs! Ok well once we were
outside again, he asked me to go on the sled with him a lot
and we had lots of fun. While sledding, Dave finally showed
up but I was having 2 much fun with Andrew to pay lots of
attention to him : ( Heyy Andrew is the hottest guy in the
school tho ok?? Ok well after sledding we went up to his
room and just like went online on all of his 3 computers.
haha i was so hyper I was like humping the chair thinking
of "dave" but really thinking of Andrew. After awhile
Andrew told me to come sit on his lap, so I did and was
like dyinnng about to orgasm haha! Then I went and played
some nintendo and he came with me. Aah soon everyone was on
his bed, Andrew and me together, Bobbi and Dave together.
Andrew was holding me soo tight and like rubbingn my
stomach and circling my belly button. Omg then he like
rolled me over on him so we were in the position of a 69 n
dhe was like, "Wouldn't it be awesome to do a 69 like
this?" I was like hell ya.."Especially with you!" I
thought. We were like laying on eachother for bout an was so seducing. Then he like threw snow down my
shirt but I didnt let him get it. Infact I didn't even hook
up with him! I'm so proud of myself cuz he was the one who
really wanted to go to his closet to just makeout, but I
didnt really say anything about it so we didn't : ) Before
we left they were trying to make me and Dave go into the
closet, but it was 2 late b/c my mom was picking us up in
about 5 min. Eva since then I've been talking to him online
and guess wut?? he Ims me during the first few minutes that
I sign on..very good sign. Lots of guys just wait for me to
IM them, which is really annoying but not him! the only
problem is is that he's pretty popular, and I think he only
goes for pretty popular girls. He's into the "popular"
scene where he gets drunk on like Friday nights, but
nobody's perfect right? And I'd rather have a bf drink than
like get high every night.

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