Angela Nicole

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2002-01-25 23:40:52 (UTC)

I hate to see him hurt

Yesturday, I told Matt something.. Maybe I shouldn't
have I dunno.. I don't even know how to explain it.. I was
talking to one of my friends that I have known for like 4
years.. He used to live in Oregon with me.. He moved to
Indian last year.. Well, him and I kinda have a thing
awhile back. It did'nt go to far but far enough.. He is
like one of the major jock guys that can get any girl he
wants for the most part. So I didn't really take it
serious. We fooled around a few times (clothes were on
though). Wednesday night though.. We were talkin on aol
about the past and stuff.. He brought up that he always had
a crush on me and wanted to be me more.. and I admitted it
to him to.. I dunno WHAT HAPPEND!! Some how feelings kinda
came back for the moment.. I didn't know what to do and I
felt SO GUILTY I told Matt .. I'm sure it crushed him more
then he is probably willing to admitt.. But I am not into
lying at all.. And I didn't think it was right to keep it a
secret. He says he forgives me and everything is ok.. I
mean its Friday and the I really dont even care anymore
about that guy.. It was just something that got rekindled
cuz we never offically stoped talking it just kinda faded..
I dunno how to explain it.. I just feel bad.. and I want
Matt to know im Sorry and I love him very much