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2002-01-25 22:53:56 (UTC)

my mom is in such a bad mood...

my mom is in such a bad mood. shes about to leave to go
out with her friends. and one of her friend has a kid who
thier leaving at my house while they go out. and i have to
watch it. great. last time it came over, she broke the play
station. so, this guy who i don't know, but have seen
around skool is calling me. hes been calling me for a week
now. he said that he got my number from the phone book. i
never see him at skool anymore. and his parents just took
him out like two days ago, b/c they have to homeskool him,
b/c he got in so much trouble at skool. well, anywayz, so
hes been calling alot. and i don't know why, seeing how we
don't know each other. and he asked me to go to his church
with him this sunday. i told him that i would talk to my
mom about it and said bye. then i threw the phone down. i
can't believe this. hes so ugly, and his parents beat him.
hes a pothead. all my friends are potheads. but i don't
need a guy who is one. besides, i don't even want a
boyfriend. my friend mandy talked to him, and she said that
he does like me. i mean, i figured that he did. but i don't
know why. besides, why would anyone like me anywayz. i
don't know what to do. my friends just say that i should
tell him to go away. but i'm not that kind of person. i
mean, i'm not rude like that. i don't want to hurt his
feelings. you know? b/c i have been talking to him alot. so
he probley thinks i like him. and hes going to the same
high skool as me next year. i just don't know what to do.
i'm not intrested in guys. don't get me wrong, i'm not
intrested in gurlz either, i don't like anyone, and its
been that way all my life. i haven't ever had a crush on
anyone. i just don't know what to do. i don't want him
calling anymore. but i can't just tell him that...

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