Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-01-25 22:37:31 (UTC)

I'm Only One Person

Goddamn, my boss seems to think I'm wonderwoman. She
just piled on quite a few annoying responsibilities in
addition to all the crap that already stresses me out. I
really get stressed at work, and I always seem to be stuck
here late. Now I have to do this long chain of double
checking every week. Check A to B, then B to C, then C to
D, then D to E. It's so inconsiderate. What's worse is that
all this stuff is financial and I'm not even getting paid
to do bookkeeping and AP stuff, that's what America gets
paid for. Even she thinks that she should've gotten the
responsibilities. But now I just have more fodder for wen I
ask about a raise.
Today I drove all lunch- to subway, then Albertson's,
then Wells Fargo, then Blockbuster, and finally back to
work. Ryan stressed me out to the point of tears again (he
is such a shitty teacher), but I made it ok. Now I'm back
at work taking a break from my double checking marathon.
Last night Daniel rescued me from being trapped at
home with no money, food, or car. He called after Ryan took
off, with my dinner in his car, to leave me for the night
and work on some guys computer. I walked over to his street
and he bought me Pedro's and came back to my house. We
smoked the last of our weed, and then began working on the
resin. It was quite a project. Daniel held the pipe over
our stove until the resin inside got so hot it caught on
fire, and then he pulled it out and when it started to
smoke, we just sucked smoke out of the end without putting
our mouth on it (cuz that really would've burned). He's a
genius. We ended up using a potholder togrip a cigar cutter
that held the pipe for us because it just got too hot. So
hot, in fact, that Daniel and I both managed to get pretty
bad burns on our hands (they even blistered). But we also
managed to get a few awesome resin hits, so we were pretty
fucked. Then we watched Golden Girls and The Family Guy and
The Messanger, The Story Of Joan Of Arc until Ryan got
home. I also baked fat free brownies and ate about half of
them. That made me feel guilty, even if they were fat free.
That was an awesome trick Daniel taught me, about smoking
the resin. Next time we run out of weed, I know we can at
least have one fucked up night just with the resin.
Gotta go now, and get back to work.