~*~*~*~Are you afraid of the truth~*~*~*
2002-01-25 20:52:37 (UTC)

My bad! What do u think? found an interesting diary

Hey whats goin on? Last night when I got off work I forgot
I was suppose to call my x-steven. He called me today I was
like dmn I forgot. He had like this candle lit dinner for
us and roses. Steven is a really great guy. He wants to go
back out with me but I don't want a boyfriend. I like being
single. I have more freedom. I mean the main reason why we
broke up was b.c he didn't like me chillin with my guy
friends. It was annoying. any way. I have been getting
feedback from some1. I'm guessing it's a girl but she/he is
totally flipping out on me. The main reason why I have this
diary is to put what a feel and to amuse people with my
weird life and stories. Any way. Do I sound ditzy, easy
what? cause I am none of the above. Like when I start
talking fast I say like a lot and when I type i'm thinking
extreamly fast so i say like a lot so any way. I just want
to know what people think of my diary. Some people say i'm
way normal others don't agree. Well I've finally found
some1's diary thats pretty interesting i guess. It's cute
like the guy has got to be totally in love with himself.
Atleast he puts what he's thinking I laugh and smile the
whole time i read it. I can just amagine him tall built way. i g2g!

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