2002-01-25 20:02:55 (UTC)

when the morning comes, dont say you love me...

dont say you need me, i really dont think thats fair.
but when you leave me, i'll be wishing i was there with you.

what a weird day, yet again. awww ashley wrote me a sweet
message. i love her so much cus she does know me, and even
better, she understands me and she still loves me. i think
shes my favorite person in the world.

anyway. so yeah i was up ALL night, i got really upset
last night, as noted in my 5 million entries.. and then i
said fuck it and tried to sleep, but it didnt work, i was
up sick all night and coughing and stuf and i was CRABBY
this morning, my mom was like stay home, but i didnt think
i should miss another day also i knew she wouldnt let me go
out tonight so i was like no, then i was like so claudia
wana stay home and shes like no not really and i was like
so matt.. and he was like no i cant, which i knew cus hes
a good boy, and i was like ughh fine but as soon as i got
out of the car i knew i couldnt stay i was so weak and
dizzy so i had caroline call me out and i went down to her
work for a while, walked around the stores, sat at the bar
til ashley got out of school then i went out with her and
shawn - hes really cool - and now im home for a bit til i
go to work or maybe dont go to work cus i really dont feel
like it, im guna find a new job though so im not being
totally irresponsible but i cant have my hours per package
going up until i find a new job cus then they'll fire me.
tonight i'm guna try try try to spend the night at ashleys,
hopefully none of the millions of people who would be upset
with that will be, mom, caroline, matt... i think shawn
might spend the night too, that would be good cus maybe
caroline will feel better that we wont be being "rowdy" as
ashley says. lol. its funny. but im not guna cheat. im
not. and also, she has a girlfriend that shes gone this
far without cheating on. caroline should not worry at
all. and neither should emily, not that i give a fuck.
anyway. matt called me at lunch to see how i was. that was
nice. dawn cant figure out how to open my locker. lol.
damn it i try to be nice and whatever. im guna go call
some jobs or take a nap. i will write more later.