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Logic of the Insane
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2002-01-25 19:56:15 (UTC)


"My "friends" see this smile and hear nothing of Jerome
and assume I am over the one I love. People care of
nothing. They are selfish."

That quote is from another diary entry. People are
selfish, there is no way that I, a group of friends, or
even an army can change this fact. People are born with an
almost "Primal Instinct" to look out for number one. It
sucks, but it is true. Even I am selfish, I look out for
the best possible choice for me, often times not caring
what the outcome is for others. I would love to dilude(???)
myself into believing that I am any better than some, but I
am not.
Maybe, somewhere out there, there is someone who is
truly is better than the rest of the bull crap that is the
human population, but even if you think you are, look back
at every second of your remembered life and double check
because, chances are, you are selfish. But you know what?
There is nothing wrong with being selfish, it is human, and
we are all . . .human.
As for people caring of nothing. . .NO! That, I'm
afraid is wrong. Saying that people care of nothing and
then saying that they are selfish is a multi-sentance
oxymoron. If people are selfish, then they care for
themselves. And even if they are not, they care about
something. Now, maybe this writer meant that peolpe care
nothing about what is happening to him/her, which is also
not true. I for one care, I know that her brother(at least
one) cares and no matter what it may seem like, her parents
care. If you are reding this kitty, You ARE cared about.
By assuming that everyone assumes something, are we
then the assumers, or are we just trying to sound cool? Till next