Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-25 19:18:44 (UTC)

Don't Ever Do This!!!

God, never take too many birth control pills. I was
just thinking about that and it is so bad! I mean I was
literally blacking out the next day. I felt like I was
going to be sick too and everything got really loud. It
was a horrible experience! I should not have taken that
many but I was panicing and at the time that seemed like
the thing to do. Also I have another backup plan. If I am
pregnant I will just get someone to beat the shit out of
me. Maybe if I piss off Joni, she will beat me up like she
did with Ashley. So anyway, my stomach might get bruised
but I can deal with the pain. I just don't want a baby!
No way in hell!!!!!